Activism is, perhaps, the most important outreach method for Texas JSA. By going out into our community and trying to make a difference, we are directly reflecting the basic foundation of civic engagement. Activism also makes our name more recognizable, and it motivates us to continue striving towards service and public duty.


-Participate in 2 main activism projects each year (Fall State and Spring State): Participating in 2 main activism projects will not only improve our community outreach, but it will also improve our retention of chapters. Promoting Fight Apathy campaigns and Voter Registration Drives and keeping communication with CPs can help serve as smaller activism projects.


-State activism department will meet with regional mayors and admins to institute an activism theme in each region that would serve as a guideline for the rest of the year: This would strengthen regional bonding, as well as keep chapters motivated to continue searching for creative activism initiatives. Increasing the amount of projects at chapter cons would also strengthen JSA’s presence in activism and service programs.


-Distribute the chapter activism guide to all CPs at the beginning of the year: Distributing the guide, along with templates and checklists, would help encourage chapters to work towards the Chapter of the Year Award in friendly competition (Activism projects within chapters could help boost their chances).