Rebuilding our regions and strengthening our communication with chapters is one of my main priorities as a candidate: I want to make sure that each and every JSAer feels as though they have a community or resource to reach out to.


-Chapter Buddy System: At the beginning of the year, the CIA department would pair up larger, more established chapters with smaller or prospective chapters to create a new resource for struggling chapters to utilize. Prior to conventions, CIA agents and expansion agents would also reach out to larger or more established JSA chapters and request if they have any space for other delegates for transportation. This can boost convention attendance, as well as promote a sense of unity. This could also prevent obstacles for less established chapters that might not be able to attend convention without transportation, or simply require help with registering their members.


-Improving CIA communication: One of the easiest ways to improve connections within the state is to increase communication between the CIA department and chapters. CIA agents would be required to contact their chapter presidents once a week. This would prevent chapters from falling apart because they couldn’t reach out to state cabinet to ask for possible resources. Improving CIA communication would also increase convention attendance, as more chapter presidents would have resources available to them to register their delegates.


-Regional cabinet would be strengthened: Once every 2 months, regional CIA agents, mayors, senators, and CPs from each region would engage in town hall meetings over Skype, Google Hangout, etc. Anyone from the region would be welcome to join, but it would be mandatory for CIA agents, mayors, senators. This would create a forum for chapter presidents and members to voice their concerns and share their opinions in JSA, allowing for a more connected region and a more collaborative state.


-Mayors, administrators, and senators would be given more power and oversight with activism projects and regional chapter conferences: This will strengthen regional bonds and it will ensure retention on the regional level. At the moment, regional officials do not really have the ability to reach out to their regions and oversee activities or meetings. Giving these elected and appointed officials more power would allow for a more efficient way to strengthen regional cabinet, and it would help combat the obstacles brought on by the size of TX.


-Increasing the number of chapter conventions in each region: Increasing the number of chapter conventions would help maintain regional unity, and it would give personalized attention to chapters. It would also keep Texas JSA alive while state conventions are not underway, and, in the long run, it would prevent the loss of chapter membership throughout the year, as more and more members would feel inclined to attend regional conferences.