Debate is the substance of JSA conventions; coming together to discuss our opinions on political and social issues is why JSA was founded in the first place. Thus, it’s important to always keep this aspect of JSA at its best and most original.


-Stop the repetition of debate topics: As governor, I would work with the debate department to update the log of debates and blurbs after every convention to avoid continued repetition.


-Introduce new debate styles: It’s important to revitalize our debates at convention: one way to do this is to introduce new and innovative debate styles, to keep conventions fresh and interesting. These styles could include tag team, three headed debates, gavel debates, mock trials, improv, and time machine debates.


-Send out SurveyMonkeys: Sending out surveys for responses from chapter presidents and members to give input on what they would like to see debated could go a long way in improving communication and personal connection within the state.


-Make/improve our debate bank: As governor, I would work with the debate department to improve our debate bank, where we store debate resolutions for future use. We can also give this bank to CPs to use as resource for their own chapter meetings and chapter conventions.


-Utilize publicity methods ie. Youtube channel to create videos: The debate department would work closely with the publicity department to create video guides, such as “JSA for Newbies” and “Moderator Crash Course.”


-Move away from paper for best speaker ballots: Although the JSApp is still in the early stages, moving away from paper ballots for best speaker can improve our efficiency at conventions and help rebrand our debate image. As governor, I would work with the National Director of Technology to try my best to implement this platform point.


-Debate agents fill in for people who might not show up to debates: If debate agents act as fill-ins for people who do not show up to moderate/debate, we can eliminate confusion or tension caused by trying to maintain control over a debate room. Further, “convention aides” could also act as fill-ins for vacant positions.