I want to thank every single person who believes in this campaign, especially those who are kind enough to share a few words in support. It truly means the world to me. 


Shey khursheed



"I've had the pleasure of working with Sreya since August as the National Director of Fundraising. And I must say, she is one of the most talented fundraisers I've had the honor of working with. From mobilizing her team to work towards various projects to stressing over the nuances of conventions, Sreya conducts her role as fundraising director with the upmost acuity and dexterity. Most importantly, when I first started working with Sreya, she had a vision for Texas fundraising, a vision that she continues to carry out without fail. Now, she has a vision for all of Texas JSA- a vision that emphasizes progress and a vision that seeks to create a better JSA for ALL students. I've seen Sreya in action time and time again, and she never fails to amaze me. I now hope she has the chance to put these skills in action running Texas JSA. I see no one better suited to execute this position other than the natural leader, and my friend, Sreya Nalluri."


Nick Senktas

Chapter internal affairs agent

"As a relatively new member to the JSA family, I didn’t have many individuals to connect to; however, Sreya approached me at Fall State with incredible enthusiasm and openness that made feel truly included in community. Sreya’s incredible accomplishments in service to JSA were evidently embodied in the colossal success that Fall State was. It is through Sreya’s unwavering kindness, resolve, and passion that allows her leadership to propel the fundraising department forward. Sreya’s leadership and compassion transcends beyond just fundraising, Sreya fully commits to whatever task is ahead of her and she will not stop until it is completed to the best of her ability. She exemplifies the phrase "one and done" in her work ethic. Sreya’s leadership is truly exceptional, but she is also one of the most personable, kindest, and encouraging individuals I have ever met. She consistently ensures that everyone she knows is succeeding and only works to serve others. Sreya’s love for the JSA community is exemplified through her compassion for each its members that meet her. It is truly an honor to call her a friend and there is no clearer choice for governor than Sreya Nalluri."


Mia Mcfarland

Deputy Director of CIA

Sreya: compassionate, dedicated, qualified, and the perfect person to be the next Texas JSA Governor.  I've loved getting to know her over the course of my JSA involvement, and I'm so proud of all she has accomplished. Her platform is solid, her qualifications are there, and I honestly don't see anyone being a better Governor than Sreya.


Shane Ausmus

Director of Activism of ORV JSA

I’ve had the privilege to get to know Sreya through both the Montezuma Leadership Summit and JSA’s Georgetown Summer School program. Of the many student leaders who I have met through these experiences, none stand out in dedication and passion for the Junior State as much as Sreya. Her success with fundraising is unparalleled, taking Texas JSA to new heights through her nonstop efforts to promote and support this organization. While I’m 1000 miles away, seeing what she’s been able to do for your state has left me awestruck. I can only imagine what she could accomplish as your next governor, and I am thrilled to offer her my support. For the future of your state, I encourage that you do as well. #sreyaforgov


BEnjamin Li

Chapter president of Jasper HS

“I’ve had the privilege to work with Sreya throughout this year as the Chapter President of Jasper High School. In three words, Sreya is proactive, dedicated, and dependable. As Chapter President of a relatively new chapter, Sreya has provided our chapter with constant support and providing it new ideas to help it prosper. She was very thoughtful in suggesting new ideas and areas of improvement for my own chapter, which I implemented and resulted in an increase in the number of events and member attendance. I am excited to recommend her for the TX JSA Governor, and I look forward to working with her in the future!”


Lana Elserag

Debate Agent

I've known Sreya for a couple of years now, and I truly can't think of a better leader for Texas JSA. She has always been so dedicated to JSA. She's an amazing friend, and a trustworthy and loyal person; her character truly stands out. She is someone who has been there for her friends through everything, and she will ALWAYS be there for Texas JSA. She's hardworking and she will be a great governor for a great organization. Vote Sreya for governor!




"I first met Sreya last year at Spring State. I saw her hard at work, helping create voter awareness in JSA elections, dedicated to the noble cause of finding the leader most fit to run Texas JSA smoothly and bring it to greatness. As a debater and moderator within JSA’s core activities, she is unbiased and well-versed in a multitude of topic areas, and knows the rules and decorums inside and out. In cabinet, I saw her frequently step up to complicated challenges. She was always first at the plate to make a suggestion or pitch an idea, never afraid to speak her mind. She is dedicated, smart, a leader and the best candidate for governor."




"Sreya has proven her abilities by doing an amazing job as Director of Fundraising. I'm blown away by her demonstrated passion for and commitment to JSA. She not only cares about advancing Texas JSA on the state level, but helping to grow and support individual chapters. She was very approachable when I met her, and she has been so accommodating of me and my chapter. I'm proud to support Sreya's candidacy for Governor!"




"I haven't known Sreya for that long, but from the time that I have spent with her, I can tell that she is an extremely hard worker. She is very effective whenever she is giving speeches, and she is always looking to make sure everyone is included. She plays by the book and never strays from it. She believes that you don't have to be an insider or a veteran to a group to be able to make a change or have a sense of belonging. That is something that I truly admire about her campaign & one of the many reasons why I am with her. She is extremely kind and generous and from the little time that I have known her, I can confidently say that she is a great friend, a hard worker, an excellent speaker, and an astounding candidate for Texas JSA Governor. #ImWithHer"




"When I think of Texas JSA, Sreya Nalluri comes to mind, along with Graham Smith, Sarah Angel, and Cole Harper. These are all people I am proud to have worked with in order to make the State a better place. Sreya was always looking to make the state a more inclusive place, open to people of all backgrounds and viewpoints. It's only fitting that she's currently the Director of Fundraising, raising money to make the conventions more accessible to people all across the state. The opportunity to participate in a statewide convention is not something everyone is afforded, but I know Sreya is working tirelessly to change that so that everyone has a seat at the table. I know Sreya will work to continue this mission as Governor. Knowing exactly how she operates, I can promise if elected that the door is always open, and she will listen to any suggestions and critiques. For these reasons I endorse Sreya Nalluri as the next Governor of Texas JSA. I know she will lead with a good heart, clear eyes, and a strong moral compass."




"Humble. Hardworking. Passionate. Sreya should be your choice for Texas governor because she possesses these important leadership qualities and more. In her three years in JSA, I have watched her rise in confidence and ability through public speaking and multiple leadership positions. As seen from her work as Director of Fundraising, she is more than capable of organizing large groups of people and streamlining communications with individuals. During this election season, she has been completely transparent with me as a Chapter President and answered all questions I've had on her platform and statements. I could go on and on about how qualified she is for the position and prepared she is to make Texas JSA the best it can be, but I honestly believe it is her personality that makes her perfect for Governor. Not only is she my fellow JSA-er and cabinet member, but she is also my friend. Sreya reaches out to those around her at conventions, whether she knows them or not, and easily makes connections. She has such a personable dynamic that makes it ridiculously easy to get along with her. Although she's not a member of Alamo Heights JSA or the ACR, I have seen her interacting with so many people from my chapter and region at conventions, making our new members so much more comfortable and giving them a familiar face. She always has a smile on her face and is ready and willing to help those around her. It is a quality that doesn't come to many people easily. I encourage Texas JSA members that are attending Spring State to vote Sreya Nalluri for Governor of Texas. She is kind, brilliant, and the best candidate for the position."




"My first time speaking to Sreya was oddly through Facebook messenger. It was just a few weeks before Georgetown JSA Summer School, and I was shamelessly trying to schmooze a few people before the first day to make the trip a little less intimidating. Looking back, I'm fairly certain that might've been the most awkward message she had ever received, but despite that fact, she was still so kind and greeted me with such warmth that I knew I had already found a friend. Arriving at Georgetown, I immediately felt connected to her. She was so sweet, and her friendliness was so genuine and refreshing. In just the matter of three weeks, I was certain that Sreya would be a friend I'd keep well after my time at Georgetown. And that's been more than true. I've watched Sreya (mostly through stalking her on social media) become such a model stateswoman for Texas JSA this year. She has brought so much character and creativity to her position as director of fundraising, a job that is crucial to the continued success of her state. In fact, she's been such a good director of fundraising that at times I've secretly cursed her for being TOO good at it (throwback to match grant classy fundraising period). Despite my occasional pettiness, I still am so overwhelmingly proud of her feats, and I am constantly floored by her dedication to this organization. Sreya's passion for the Junior State is second to none. Her compassion and wisdom has no bounds, and as the Southern California gubernatorial chief of staff, I firmly believe it'd be an absolute tragedy if she weren't elected to serve the Texas Junior State as the next governor. So please, vote for sreya (because I sadly can't!!!)."




"When I met Sreya Nalluri for the first time, I knew she would go on to be not just a good JSA stateswoman, but a great one. Last year as Director of Special Activities and Nighttime Activities, Sreya far exceeded my wildest expectations. Any task asked of her, she completed in timely perfection. Her diligence and maturity never ceased to amaze me, so I knew I needed Sreya to be my gubernatorial campaign manager, and wow did she, as Drake famously says, "Come Thru!" She became my "Right Hand" because her "Energy" kept me motivated, ambitious, and organized in the midst of a chaotic and stressful campaign trail. For that, she is a "Legend" and without her my campaign would fallen flat. This year, Sreya undertook an often overlooked but extremely vital role as Texas Director of Fundraising. Keeping true to her streak of excellence, Sreya has raised more money than any other JSA-er in the country, making Texas JSA one of the top fundraising states in the nation. Sreya directed this effort; Sreya made this possible. Why? Because she is passionate about JSA and wants to make it economically accessible and inclusive to all high schoolers. Furthermore, Sreya Nalluri is a natural born, tenacious leader. Sreya possess a rare ability to inspire, empowering others around her to achieve their own goals. Sreya Nalluri has dedicated herself to bettering the Texas Junior State, and I have no doubt that she will bring our state to new heights as Governor. For these reasons, I urge you to support and vote for Sreya Nalluri as 2017 Texas JSA Governor!"

ROY Gonzalez

fundraising agent/former RGC Admin

"I've known Sreya since she first entered JSA as a freshman, because she was so eager and ready to take JSA head on. I've never seen such a fast learning member, who makes progress in such a short amount of time. This previous summer, I had the privilege to spend time with her at Georgetown, where we both took the class Media and Politics. Sreya demonstrated her leadership in our class, astonishing me how much she has grown in just two years. Regardless of how difficult or heated our class became, Sreya was always calm in a room where even I, at times, was not. Sreya's greatest quality, however, is not her mind but her heart. I have never met a more kind hearted and compassionate person. She always puts the needs of othersbefore her own. Add this with a wicked brain, bad dance moves, and amazing leadership skills, and you've got the perfect person for Texas JSA Governor."


Ilona Altman

Chapter member

"Sreya Nalluri embodies all the characteristics of a wonderful and strong leader. She is kind and absurdly passionate. She is hard working and incredibly intelligent - one can see this in her detailed platform for next year and her incredible success as Director of Fundraising this past year. She is funny and humble and she is motivated by a deep love for JSA. She is never one who would look down on others. She is a leader who serves. JSA needs a leader who serves. We need a leader who is self motivated by their own passion for uniting all Junior statesmen and stateswomen rather than a leader who is motivated by their own ego. We need a leader with the experience to lead effectively, as well as a leader with the warmth necessary to expand JSA and strengthen our community. JSA needs no one other than Sreya for governor. Please join me in voting for Sreya, the most qualified and warm candidate, this coming weekend."



Speaker of the house chief of staff

"I have been working for Texas JSA for the past four years, and through my experience, I have learned that for a person to be a successful leader it takes certain qualities. Sreya possesses every single quality needed. She has taken what the people have asked for and molded it into a clear vision for Texas JSA. Not only does she have a vision, but she has a solid platform that specifies how we will achieve greater success. We all known Sreya has the experience necessary to lead, but one should also note that she has the heart to lead. It is not enough to just known how to do something, what matters is if one has the passion to do it and trust me when I say Sreya has the passion to lead Texas JSA and be the voice of the people. I encourage everyone to vote Sreya for Texas JSA because a vote for Sreya is a vote for the people.




"Where do I possibly begin. I first met Sreya at Texas Institute, and we instantly connected. I was so nervous because I knew no one. After having tons of political discussion over dinner at Jester, we have been best friends ever since. Her kind and warm personality are one of the many qualities that make her such a phenomenal leader. Sreya also has dedication for this organization thatis unmatched. Not only did she break fundraising records nationwide for the state, but she also raised the most money out of any statesperson in the country! She continues to look out and work for all students to ensure that everyone can attend conventions regardless of their situations. With her experience as SANTA, Director of Fundraising, and being a graduate of UT Institute, Georgetown, and Montezuma, her qualifications are clear that she is more than prepared to do the job. If you want a candidate who listens to your concerns, works for you, while also being extremely qualified, the choice is clear Texas JSA! This Sunday, I urge each of you to join me and vote for, Srey."