Expansion is how we progress as a state. If we want to keep improving, we need to keep searching for more opportunities to implement JSA’s ideals and increase our convention attendance. Texas is a huge state: there is always room to grow.


-Create and send pamphlets to schools across TX: As governor, I would work with the expansion department to produce a detailed “What is JSA” expansion guide to distribute to expansion agents and possible contacts across TX.


-Quotas for expansion agents: Each expansion agent would need to have a required number of potential chapter contacts each semester (this # would be decided at CabCon). Possible future chapters would be able to attend regional conferences and chapter cons (as well as state conventions, as always), so keeping a required number of potential chapter contacts throughout the year would allow us to utilize this option. This way, contacts don’t have to worry about the cost of a state convention, but they can still experience an event very similar to it. This is another reason to increase the amount of chapter cons.


-Fight to reinstitute Texas Institute: The Summer School at Texas Institute was an excellent experience, and it allowed people to learn about leadership in JSA and Texas Politics without worrying about the cost of longer summer programs. Texas Institute, or a summer program similar to it, can boost the number of possible contacts wishing to start chapters.