It's finally here!!! I've spent quite a long time reaching out to a variety of JSAers (especially chapter presidents), to figure out what concerns we as a state would truly like to address. I'd love it if you would check out the platform, because I truly hope you feel it represents you. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or concerns. I want this platform, and this campaign, to represent every single statesperson in Texas, because we are stronger when we are united. 

Read the full platform here.

The Overarching goal: Unity

The Three Pillars:



Communication is what drives this state; without it, we have no way to collaborate and share ideas. When everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinions, we can come together and move forward as a state. Personal connection, between cabinet departments, chapter members, and regions, is the key to achieving a united front. As governor, I would work tirelessly to encourage effective communication within the state, especially between chapter presidents and state cabinet. Communication can prevent chapter fallout, improve the convention experience, and buttress the JSA ideals of inclusion and community involvement. In a time when this nation is divided by political factions, genuine communication can return JSA to the students' hands, so that everyone, whether it is a freshman at their first convention or a senior at their last, feels they belong.


Texas JSA is amazing as is; however, with creative and innovative ideas, we can take JSA to new heights. By stimulating progress within our state, we can revitalize the convention experience and help bring #hype back to the people. It is time that we reintroduce original ideas that have been forgotten or left unused, and that we begin searching for an image that truly represents JSA's motto: be the people. In order to become a more unified state, we need to take larger steps towards progress.


Reaching out to chapters, expansion contacts, public figures, and service programs is how we make our voice heard. What sets JSA apart from other high school organizations or debate clubs is that we are completely student-run; further, we encourage our members to go out into their communities and actually implement what they have learned in JSA. Improving our outreach and redesigning our publicity initiatives can help establish our mission to prospective students or inquiring audiences. We, as a state, need to prioritize the restoration of Texas JSA to its roots.