Junior Year

director of fundraising on tx cabinet, 2016-2017 


-Attended montezuma leadership Summit, 2016

-met 40-50 of the most committed and dedicated JSAers in the nation, learned different initiatives and ideas to implement into TX JSA, gained a JSA network for the future


-attended fall State 2016 and winter congress 2017

-attended CabCon 2016

-raised 5,389 dollars for the TX JSA scholarship fund: led the campaign for more than 15,000 dollars as a state: 3rd overall in state rankings

-raised 1,367 dollars at Fall State through creative fundraising activities, more than any other state in the entire organization

-created an original chapter fundraising guide to aid chapter presidents and members in fundraising for their own respective chapters

-won a Best Speaker Award during Full Committee Houses

- vice-president and president-elect to the JCS chapter

-increased chapter membership by 200%

-published in the Houstonian and The Villager

-held a series of mock debates and caucuses for the 2016 Election

-co-organized "Just-Con," a chapter convention in March of 2017 in the GCR Region

-debated as Green Party in school's mock election