Publicity is an influential aspect of our outreach and progress as a state: effective publicity is the means to establishing our JSA image. Publicity is also the main method of communication within our state, and it is how we achieve a unified front.


-Redesign and periodically update our website: Next year, I will work with the publicity department to completely redesign the TX JSA website. This can help promote our organization in a positive light to inquiring non-JSAers wondering what JSA is about when they stumble upon our website. Creating an approachable online presence for Texas JSA is the first step to improving our outreach initiatives. From there, I would make sure that the publicity department regularly updates the website with photos, debate results from conventions, and other information normally provided on social media.  


-Create a Youtube channel: Creating a regularly updated Youtube channel not only strengthens our online presence, but it allows for TX JSA to progress as a state. Everyone knows that YouTube is a commonly used website, and creating videos to post can help increase our potential JSA contacts and explain JSA’s purpose. Creating the channel would also help students already in JSA. On the YouTube channel, guides and tutorial videos could be posted, including topics such as “Moderator Training,” “The JSA Debate Style,” “JSApp Walkthrough,” “What is JSA?,” “Registering for Convention,” and more. Furthermore, the publicity department could post video updates before and after conventions, that help contribute to the JSA excitement, such as summer school promos, convention recaps, and even actual recordings of JSA debates.


-Reinstate Humans of Texas JSA: Much like the famous “Humans of New York” page, Humans of Texas JSA can help connect our state, and it can help make the large state feel smaller and more united. Reinstating Humans of Texas JSA would also allow a variety of TX JSAers, from two-term chapter presidents to freshmen entering their first convention, a chance to share their JSA stories and their opinions about how JSA is being run. This would establish personal connection between the cabinet and the rest of JSA, and it would create a way for JSAers to relate to each others’ experiences. It would also produce another way for the state to stay active in between conventions.


-Increase summer school publicity and attendance: Increasing Texas’s summer school attendance can go a long way to strengthen our presence both within and outside of JSA. Strengthening summer school publicity can also bring more possible contacts to the expansion department. Publicizing summer school, both within and outside of JSA, can have a tremendous impact on our membership numbers. Thus, we need to do more to promote summer school; this can include promo videos, infographics, and even emails/letters. We can also have more people apply for summer school by waiving the essay portion for people who decide to apply early at conventions. This would make people more inclined to apply.


-Director of Technology would be given a Deputy Director: Introducing a Deputy Director of Technology to cabinet would help solidify JSA’s personality on social media and on our website, especially for non-JSAers inquiring about our organization, as well as improve efficiency within the department.


-Maintain hype throughout the year: The publicity department is the best source for #hype in JSA. The department could increase excitement in our state by creating infographics and updating social media with pictures from events. Personality quizzes, SurveyMonkeys, etc. would all be distributed throughout the year, and the website and YouTube channel would be updated as well. Next year, I would also personally work with the department to ensure that we approach potential high-profile speakers as soon as possible, to keep convention delegates engaged and ready for each opening session.